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Policy of Quality and Environment

Main objective of FLEXPRINT is to satisfy customer needs and requirements while introducing a completely environment-friendly system in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union directives, so that our products would be safe and legitimate.

The above objectives are achieved through:

  • Introduction of modern methods with consistent quality control during all phases of production.
  • Fast delivery of products at the most reasonable prices to our customers.
  • Creating a work environment that ensures a steady progress in all departments through close cooperation between them and the distributors.
  • Introduction of new technologies using state-of-the-art facility and skilled personnel who is being constantly trained in new developments and quality standards.

Policy objectives of FLEXPRINT concerning the environment are:

  • Minimizing pollution by taking precautions in every department
  • Presentation of the "anti-air" polluting measures
  • Informing all employees of company quality policy and our environmental policy
  • Provision of suppliers with Releases of know-how for the environment
  • Establishment of ECO awareness in local communities
  • Promotion of recycling and using recycled materials
  • Promotion of methods that reduce energy consumption

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