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In addition to a successful business policy, the basis for the success of our company is observation of our quality, occupational health & safety, environmental and social accountability standards, irrespective of an intensive obligation connected therewith to adhere to all our activities legislative requirements.

So that we can increasingly meet these responsibilities and in order to guarantee our business sustainability and continuous improvements, we have established our policy and made aware all our employees and partners to apply and follow highest standards of compliance, contingency and professional attitude in their daily activities and business relations with our company.

We respect and encourage the personal growth of our employees and believe that the success of our business is a result of their creativeness and efficient teamwork.


We, the management of FLEXPRINT, are consistently following our engagement for continuous improvement of quality and food safety management activities in order to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Our quality and food safety policy is based on a principles that we believe will lead us to the most successful business achievements and will contribute to our engagement for achieving high levels of satisfaction of our clients.

  • Delivering to our clients products with constant conformity and safety.
  • Timely and accurate definition of the clients’ requirements and expectations.
  • Apply innovations to and innovative approach for improving our production and processes.
    • Involvement of all level employees for their efficient contribution.
    • Taking actions for continuous improvement of our staff competence.
    • Protection of customer's personal and confidential information in accordance with applicable legal requirements.
    • Continuous improvement of processes affecting the compliance and safety of final products, the relationships with our customers and the Integrated Management System.
    • Effective internal and external communication related to food safety issues.
      • Improving understanding of personal responsibility for compliance with the rules of the technological processes in accordance with applicable legal and other requirements.


We strive for prosperity in harmony with the environment while minimizing the environmental footprint of our business activities, targeted development and deployment of technology that enables a harmonious coexistence of the environment and our business and our customers and building close cooperation relations with a wide range of people and organizations that are associated with environmental protection.

To achieve the commitment of the leadership, FLEXPRINT gives first priority to compliance with the following basic principles for managing the impact of the company on the environment:

  • Systematic identification and risk assessment of environmental aspects;
    • Continuous care for the development of high environmental awareness, awareness of personal responsibility and commitment of tour employees to protect the environment;
    • Engaging business partners to comply with our environment protection stablished standards;
    • Prevention of environmental pollution as a result of any of our activities;
    • Take measures to reduce the negative environmental impact;
    • Prevent accidents, the consequences of which can have a negative impact on the environment;
    • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements on our products, activities and environmental protection;
      • Periodically identifying and implementing strategic objectives and targets for improving the efficiency of the management system in order to realize greater effectiveness of management measures for environmental impact.
      • Annual assessment of compliance with the applicable requirements of environmental protection and the results achieved in this direction.


We, the management of FLEXPRINT are consistently engaged in following our basic business principles in creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working conditions in accordance with best practices, requirements and applicable international standards;

  • To ensure the right policies and conducts for safety and health at work;
  • Prevent accidents and reduce the number of accidents and damage to health;
  • Ensure control of safety and health at work and reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level;
  • Reduce ambiguities and uncertainties in the process of making decisions regarding the management of risks;
  • Providing a guarantee provided for in the applicable legal requirements obligations are being met and had taken all reasonable action to prevent accidents and damage to health and well-being of employees;
  • Create a favourable social climate among employees and improve collaboration within the company by creating confidence in employees that care about the safety and health at work is part of daily management tasks;
  • Improving understanding of personal responsibility for compliance with the rules of the technological processes in accordance with applicable legal and other requirements;

We support equal opportunities and fair recruitment and not discriminate against them, and we strive to provide good working conditions for all our employees.

We respect and honour the human rights of the people associated with our business and, in particular, do not use or tolerate any form of forced or child labour.

Through communication and dialogue with our employees, we build and share the value "Mutual trust and mutual responsibility" and work together for the success of our employees and the company as a whole.


The dynamic growth of FLEXPRINT company and our ambition to continuously make an effort for an increasingly strong position on the Bulgarian and European market of packages are based on the creative collaboration between our employees who have a wide range of skills for reaching our common goal.

Our company goal is to continuously increase our market share by expert designed business strategies, staying in line with technological progress in packaging through a wise application of innovative solutions and efficient communication with customers in the direction of adapting to their needs and following market trends.

To ensure a high quality of products and services, we apply sensible approach to the managing of our staff, improving their skills and training and cultivating an environment of cooperation. The company responds positively to the legitimate requests of staff, creating a climate of peaceful working environment.

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